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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.


Maja Bekan

Istanbul, June 2023

Maja Bekan is a performance and visual artist. Bekan’s work explores and questions the mediation and delegation of artwork production. She is interested in a collaborative and social approach to exploring personal histories, truths, economies, and social relations. She works on long-term research-based projects that involve different levels of collaboration, presented to the public in the form of performances, site-specific environments, and video/audio/text-based installations. 

She considers collective intimacy as a space where new forms of knowledge can appear, a way to constitute new modes of relational, conversational, and participatory practices while stretching the simplistic binary of private and public life. The protagonists of Bekan’s work are often women: artists, activists, students, retirees, and people seeking a place for themselves in difficult circumstances.  

She was an artist in residence at ISCP New York, Delfina Foundation London, AIR Laboratory (U-jazdowski) Warsaw, IFP Beijing China, and AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.  

Maja Bekan has exhibited work at Tent, Rotterdam; ISCP New York; Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw; Kunsthaus, Graz; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Melly (former Witte de With) Rotterdam; and Casco Art Institute, among others.  

Bekan investigates the modes of togetherness that are operative today and the role of intimacy as a force for social and political transformation both in the artistic field and in society as a whole. In this context, she will work with a group of people on the notion of collective intimacy during her residency at Gate 27